Bigflex Re-Fule Isotonic Drink 1Kg, 50 Serving (Orange)

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  • Bigflex Re-Fule Isotonic Drink 1Kg, 50 Serving (Orange)
  • Glucose : The fast acting destrose is the best to get easily absorbed by our body
  • Electrolytes : The right blend of all essential electrolytes makes sure not to allow the body to get dehydrayed while in performance, keeping one away from cramps and such barries
  • Antioxidants : During exercise there is tremendous oxidative stress that the human body goes through, causin the body to go into a bed catabolic state. this can only be aided with an antioxidants which makesh sure that state does not harm body tissues
  • Amino Acids: Essential amino like BCAA and Glutamine are very important amino acids which helps metabolism, protein synthesis , anti catabolism, fat burn , glucose tolerance etc..
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