Bigmuscles Nutrition L-Carnicut 1500mg 450ml (Blue Raspberry Ice)

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  • Bigmuscles Nutrition L-Carnicut 1500mg (Blue Raspberry Ice)
  • FAST ACTING: We deliver 1500 mg highly bio-available 100% pure L- Carnitine in never before delicious fruity flavours. Liquid L-Carnitine comes in liquid form which makes it fast acting due to quicker absorption compared to other forms like tablets, powder etc
  • PERFORMANCE: Supports aerobic endurance and helps you work harder, longer by releasing clean energy throughout your workout
  • ENHANCED RECOVERY: As pre-workout, L-Carnicut supports shorter recovery time and reduces post-workout muscle soreness
  • ANTIOXIDANT: Supports overall body health by functioning as an antioxidant. Also aids in providing protection for the cells from free radical damage
  • CLEAN ENERGY: L-Carnitine runs a special stored body fat optimisation mechanism by transporting it to cells’ mitochondria where they are converted into energy.
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