Avvatar Mass Gainer 4Kg (Belgian Chocolate)

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  • Avvatar Mass Gainer 4Kg (Belgian Chocolate)
  • Builds strength and enables muscle growth
  • Helps your body make energy and red blood cells
  • Maintains bone health, provides better hold for the muscles
  • Supports healthy metabolism and gut health
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Avvatar Mass Gainer 4Kg (Belgian Chocolate)

About this item

  • Made from 100% fresh cow’s milk, giving you healthy balance of freshest blend of protein and carbohydrates to help you gain mass the right way
  • Right blend of Protein-Carb Matrix –Maltodextrin, Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate and Dextrose, especially designed for Indian consumers understanding Indian diet patterns
  • ZERO added sugar ensures that all the required calories come from good quality Protein-Carb matrix
Product description
  • The entire Avvatar manufacturing process, right from the production of milk to the final product, is meticulously controlled by the company. Moreover, it is untouched by human hands during the entire process. It is produced with pure cow’s milk and passes through quality tests at every stage of manufacturing so that you get good quality and pure whey protein.


Add one scoop (60g) to a glass or shaker filled with 350ml water or 375ml double toned milk and mix for a few seconds until the powder completely dissolves. you can adjust your intake by 1-2 scoop per day (morning and evening) as per your fitness goal and energy requirement.

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