Domin8r Elite Hydrowhey Chocochino Flavour2 Lbs

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  • Domin8r Elite Hydrowhey Chocochino Flavour2 Lbs
  • Hydrolyzed High Protein Low Carb Nutrition
  • Skin Tearing Pumps
  • HGH Matrix
  • Massive Muscle Gain
  • Insane Energy Rush
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Domin8r Elite Hydrowhey Chocochino Flavour2 Lbs

Domin8r Nutrition’s ELITE WHEY redefines the limits of protein supplementation. The unique Ultra & Cross Flow Micro-filtration (CFM) process used to produce ELITE WHEY is superior to other methods of processing, including what was once considered the gold standard – Ion Exchange. These low temperature filtration techniques remove fat and lactose and filter out the denatured proteins and ash residue that can remain in Ion-Exchanged whey. They also isolate and concentrate the all important bioactive whey fractions, including the cellular growth factors (IGF I, IGF II & TGF-B) and the immune-enhancing glycomacropeptides which are not found in Ion Exchanged whey protein. Each scoop of ELITE WHEY supplies the highest biological value protein developed yet, rich in the anti-catabolic branched chain amino acids and fortified with the “anabolic” amino acids, Silk amino acids, L-Glutamine & BCAAs for maximum nitrogen retention. ELITE WHEY is the ideal low fat, low carbohydrate, superior quality whey protein supplement, designed for body builders, athletes and other health conscious persons. Whey is the purest form and fastest acting protein available, which makes it ideal to be consumed as a post workout shake. It contains minimal carbohydrates to maintain a lean, toned physique, has immune boosting properties and numerous additional health benefits. ELITE WHEY is available in delicious flavours, is quick and easy to prepare and is an ideal dietary supplement to ensure optimal nourishment for people on the go that need convenience in their pursuit of a leaner body.

Directions : Mix 1 scoop ( 33 g ) with 250-350 ml of cold low fat milk or water. Serving size and mixing ratios can be adjusted to meet individual requirements and taste preferences. For ease of mixing use either a blender or a shaker. For best results take one serving in the morning and another immediately post workout. Additional servings may be taken during the day to meet individual caloric requirements.

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