Fitzup Slender Body (Herbal Fat Burner) 270 Cap/Tab

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  • Fitzup Slender Body (Herbal Fat Burner) 270 Cap/Tab
  • Energy booster Garcinia and Curcumin extracts is a naturally occurring herbal supplement that plays a major role in boosting metabolism
  • Turmelean from the Phyto Lean Kit contains the goodness of turmeric – The All-Rounder spice. Not only does it possess anti inflammatory properties, but is also a natural fat burner because of its heat producing quality.
  • The Commilean bottle from this kit is enriched with Shuddha Guggul (The Himalayan Herb). It is known for its anti-obesity characteristics. Also known to contain antioxidant properties which relieves the body from free radicals.
  • Gracilean from this Kit has primarily been loaded with Garcinia Cambogia extract. This product is the ultimate metabolism booster and fat cutter as Garcinia helps improve metabolism, alertness, energy levels
  • Take 3 soft capsules/tablets from each bottle, preferably 2 hours after meals. For better results, take a second serving before sleep
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Fitzup Slender Body (Herbal Fat Burner) 270 Cap/Tab

No matter how ‘fast’ your food is, the ill effects are going to catch up today or tomorrow. The best possible solution to keep your heart beating healthy is to combine the right techniques of exercise and diet and chuck the unnatural ‘fat cutters’ which promise an instant ‘slim body’.

Keeping in mind this ‘prompt’ and fast lifestyle, FitZup has combined Ayurveda and fitness. FitZup Phyto Lean Kit is a pack of 3 bottles: Commilean, Turmelean and Gracilean, all of them made from organic components, giving you an all natural fat burner.

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