Healthfarm ISO 7 Premium Protein Matrix 2Kg 4.4 lbs(Caramel Strawberry)

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  • Healthfarm ISO 7 Premium Protein Matrix 2Kg 4.4 lbs(Caramel Strawberry)
  • Healthfarm ISO 7 is a perfect Miture of Severn types of protein
  • Each Daily Serving of ISO 7 provides 24g protein 11.2g EAAs, 5.2g BCAAs, 3.57Glutamine
  • Heathfarm ISO 7 is 100% Pure Vegetarian Protein tested for No banned Substance
  • Healthfarm ISO 7 is best protein blend with added Multi-Vitamins

Healthfarm ISO 7 Premium Protein Matrix 2Kg, 4.4 lbs(Caramel Strawberry)

Important information

  • Mix one heaping scoop (approx 8 g) of powder in 300-350ml of chilled water
About this item
  • 100% WHEY ISOLATE+EAAs Powerful integration of WHEY ISOLATE plus EAAs (Essential Amino Acids) is the best protein powder for lean muscle and better replacement of regular protein supplement caters to the need of essential amino acids in your body.EAAs push muscle protein synthesis (A process of creation of protein by cells) in which the body burns fat instead of muscles so it’s a great weight loss supplement too.
  • WITH ADDED BCAAs+GLUTAMINE BCAAs (Branched Amino Acid) are great to reduce muscle soreness, prevent muscle breakdown & encourage muscle growth. Glutamine improves muscle gains and boosts workout performance.
  • RICH IN VITAMINS Packed with multivitamins is a rich source of energy for weightlifters. Helps in burning calories, excluding stress and anxiety, delay aging, give strength to your bones, repair body tissues and encourage accurate functioning of your nerve system.
  • EASY DIGESTIBILITY Gluten-free premium protein matrix, vegetarian, natural, sugar-free, soy-free with no unrealistic mixing, fully tested authentic delicious sensational in taste ISO 7 protein drink is easy to digest and recommended to every man and woman.


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