Pintola Almond Butter Creamy 350g (Unsweetened)

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  • NATURALLY CRUNCHY PERFECTION: Indulge in Pintola Almond Butter Crunchy, an all-natural, unsalted delight with a satisfying crunch. Elevate your bread spreads with this irresistible, wholesome treat.
  • UNADULTERATED GOODNESS: Experience the purity of unsalted almond butter, free from additives or preservatives. This natural almond butter unsweetened is a guilt-free pleasure, offering you the natural essence of almonds in every bite.
  • UNSWEETENED VEGAN BLISS: Delight in the vegan-friendly goodness of this almonds butter. Unsweetened and entirely plant-based, it’s a versatile and nutritious addition to your meals, snacks, and recipes.
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Important information

Ingredients: 100% Roasted Almonds

How to use: Its tastes amazing with pintola oat meal,rice cake & fruits.

Introducing Pintola Almond Butter Creamy – a delectable creation that brings the natural goodness of almonds to the forefront. Indulge in the perfect harmony of all-natural, unsalted almond butter, crafted to satisfy your craving for a wholesome and crunchy spread.

Experience the pure joy of unadulterated almond goodness with our unsalted almond butter. Free from additives and preservatives, this natural delight provides an authentic taste, allowing you to savor the essence of almonds without any unnecessary extras. It’s a guilt-free pleasure that resonates with those who appreciate the simplicity of real, unaltered flavors.

For the health-conscious and those embracing a vegan lifestyle, Pintola Almond Butter Crunchy is a true companion. Unsweetened and entirely plant-based, this almond butter aligns perfectly with your dietary preferences. Enjoy its versatility in various meals, snacks, or recipes, knowing you’re indulging in a nutritious and vegan-friendly treat.

Unlock the nutrient-rich goodness packed into every jar of our almond butter. Rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, it becomes a powerhouse of essential nutrients that contribute to a balanced and nourishing diet. Incorporate this almond butter into your daily routine, and relish the benefits it brings to your overall well-being.

Texture lovers rejoice – our crunchy almond butter is here to add a premium crunch to your culinary adventures. Whether you spread it on toast, swirl it into your morning smoothie bowl, or simply savor it straight from the jar, each spoonful promises a delightful crunch that enhances your dining experience.

Convenience meets delight with our 200g jar of Pintola Almond Butter Crunchy. Perfectly sized for your daily indulgence, this jar ensures you have a crunchy almond butter fix at your fingertips whenever the craving strikes. Easy to store and even easier to enjoy, it becomes a go-to snack for those seeking a satisfying crunch.

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