Pintola Organic Peanut Butter Crunchy 1kg (Unsweetened)

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  • POWER-PACKED NUTRITION: Fuel your body with 30g of protein & 9g of fiber in each serving of Pintola 100% Organic All Natural peanut butter – a perfect choice for health-conscious individuals seeking a wholesome and delicious source of nutrients
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT MADE EASY: With 48g of good fats, Pintola peanut butter for gym supports weight management and muscle building, making it an ideal addition to your daily diet for those aiming to stay fit and active.
  • PURE & NATURAL GOODNESS: Say goodbye to added sugars and preservatives! Enjoy the authentic taste of organic peanuts with Pintola’s 100% freshly made, unsweetened peanut butter – a guilt-free treat for your taste buds.
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Important information

Ingredients: 100% Certified Organic Peanuts

How to use: Its tastes amazing with pintola oat meal,rice cake & fruits.

Discover the ultimate combination of health and flavor with Pintola Organic Unsweetened Peanut Butter Crunchy, available in a convenient 350g jar. Crafted with organic peanuts, this peanut butter is a powerhouse of nutrition, offering an impressive 30g of protein and 9g of dietary fiber per 100g. Whether you’re a gym enthusiast, a dieter, or a jogger, this peanut butter is an excellent addition to your daily diet, aiding in weight management and muscle building.
One of the key highlights of Pintola Organic Peanut Butter is its rich content of 48g of good fats per 100g. These good fats not only contribute to weight management but also promote overall well-being. Additionally, the high protein content aids in muscle repair and growth, helping you achieve your fitness goals. Unlike conventional peanut butters, Pintola takes pride in producing this peanut butter without any added sugars, ensuring you receive a pure and authentic product.
Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the added benefit of improved immunity. Packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, Pintola Organic Peanut Butter boosts your immune system, helping you stay resilient against various illnesses. It also helps in maintaining stable blood sugar levels, making it an excellent choice for those concerned about sugar intake, including individuals with diabetes.
You can trust the quality and freshness of Pintola Organic Peanut Butter, as it is manufactured in our own facilities, adhering to the highest standards and hygiene practices. With over 10+ lakh happy customers who have experienced the numerous health benefits, this peanut butter has garnered a strong following of satisfied consumers.
Whether you spread it on your morning toast, blend it into nutritious smoothies, or savor it straight from the jar, Pintola Organic Unsweetened Peanut Butter Crunchy promises an authentic and delightful experience with every bite. So, why wait? Order your 350g jar and take the 1st step towards a healthier you!


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