Pintola Classic Peanut Butter Crunchy 350g

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  • POWERFUL PROTEIN & FIBER BOOST: Energize your active lifestyle with Pintola Classic Peanut Butter! With a hefty 26g of protein and 7.2g of fiber per serving, this delicious spread keeps you fueled, supports muscle growth, and promotes healthy digestion. Take your fitness journey to new heights!
  • SUPERIOR TASTE, PREMIUM QUALITY: Indulge in the irresistible taste of our carefully selected premium roasted nuts. Each jar of crunchy peanut butter delivers a rich, nutty flavor that satisfies your cravings. With a focus on superior quality, we ensure that every spoonful is a delightful experience, giving you the best peanut butter on the market.
  • FITS YOUR HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Whether you’re following a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, Pintola Classic Peanut Butter Crunchy has got you covered. Free from gluten and dairy, this peanut butter is a guilt-free choice that aligns with your health-conscious lifestyle. Enjoy the pure goodness without any compromises.
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Ingredients: Peanuts (91%), Sugar, Stabilizer (INS471) & Iodised Salt

How to use: Its tastes amazing with pintola oat meal,rice cake & fruits.

Introducing Pintola Classic Peanut Butter Crunchy 1kg! Delight in the authentic taste of the original American recipe that has been cherished by peanut butter enthusiasts for generations. Made with utmost care, our peanut butter is a symphony of premium roasted nuts, offering a rich, nutty, and satisfying flavor that will keep you coming back for more.
We believe in using only the finest quality roasted peanuts, carefully selected to bring you a superior product. Ground to perfection, our peanut butter boasts a smooth and creamy texture that spreads effortlessly on toast or serves as a delightful dip for fruits and vegetables. Indulge your taste buds with this classic peanut butter, loved by people of all ages.
But it doesn’t stop there. Our high-energy, high-fiber peanut butter is designed to power up your day and support your overall health. Packed with MUFA unsaturated fats, vitamin E, and B3, it offers a nutritious choice to boost your endurance.
Pintola Natural Peanut Butter is a versatile ingredient that adds a delectable touch to various recipes. Use it to create mouthwatering desserts, blend it into creamy smoothies, or bake it into delightful cupcakes and cookies. Pair our peanut butter with Pintola Brown Rice cakes for a guilt-free and satisfying treat. You can also explore its versatility by spreading it on crisp, sweet apples or indulging in delicious dates.
For over a decade, we have been dedicated to crafting peanut butter using only the finest ingredients. Our commitment extends beyond taste, as we have fostered long-standing relationships with a trusted community of farmers and growers. With imported machinery, an in-house laboratory, and state-of-the-art roasting technology, we ensure that every jar maintains the same impeccable taste and quality.
Indulge in the classic, the crunchy, and the irresistible. Experience Pintola Classic Peanut Butter Crunchy 1kg and embark on a delightful journey of taste and nutrition.

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